Roofing for Northeast Ohio Since 1998

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I need a new roof?

A professional inspection is the most reliable way to determine if your roof needs to be replaced, especially if your roof is more than 10 years old or if you don’t know the age of your roof. Visually inspect your roof on a regular basis, especially after high wind or hailstorms. If you notice loose or missing shingles, shingles that are curled at the edges, or marks from hail, call S & D Improvements for a professional inspection.

My Roof is leaking! What should I do?

Call S & D Improvements’ emergency team right away if you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls or pooling water anywhere in your home. Water that is entering your home has already penetrated roofing shingles and entered your walls, so addressing it immediately is necessary to avoid additional water damage.

What is the cost of a new roof in Jackson Twp?

Roof styles, grades, and sizes vary greatly from home to home, so the cost of your new roof must be determined by a professional inspection and measurement. Your free estimate from S & D Improvement will be based on the size and style of your roof and the materials you choose. In North Canton, Jackson Township and the Canton and Akron area, asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular roofing material.

How much time should I allow for new roof installation?

For an average home of 3,000 square feet or less, a new roof can usually be completed in a day. Depending on specific roofing details, complications, and inclement weather, an additional day or two may be needed.

Can you install my roof in the winter?

Yes, at S & D Improvements we can install new and replacement roofs during the winter months as long as there is no snow and the temperature is at least 40 degrees. Since we are providing roofing services in Jackson Township and the surrounding area, know that our installation team will work with you regarding the weather forecast so that we can, as much as possible, avoid delays due to inclement weather.

Does a new roof increase my home value?

A new roof is a worthwhile investment for homeowners who intend to sell in the short term. While you will likely recoup about 75% of the cost of the roof, you can also anticipate a much better opportunity for a quick sale at your asking price.