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Residential Roof Repairs

S & D Residential Roof Repairs

When you need quick, quality roof repairs, the team at S & D Improvements is there for you. Usually storm, wind and hail damage are the culprits when you discover roof problems, including loose or missing shingles or missing granules. Sometimes damage is less obvious, but a telltale water stain on your ceiling lets you know your roof has been compromised.

Our team will provide a thorough roof inspection at your home, whether the damage is caused by wind, hail, ice, falling limbs or blowing debris. A roof that is less than 20 years old can typically be repaired. At S & D Improvements, we provide complete repairs, including matching your shingles so your roof looks like new.

We also have expertise to repair metal and flat roofs, including steel and membrane roofing. Our services include addressing damaged fascia and drip edges and any missing pieces, such as chimney caps. Consider our team for other roof and component repairs as well, including patio roofs, carport roofs, and gutters and downspouts.

We will provide your insurance company with efficient and accurate estimates whenever repairs are needed due to wind and storm damage.

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