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Metal Roofing

S & D Metal Roofing in Stark County, OH

Metal roofing in Jackson Twp. and across Stark County has become more popular among homeowners as more color and style options have allowed them to customize. Today, the attractiveness and durability of a metal roof has made this option a growing trend in residential roofing.

At S & D Improvements, our professionals can install a quality metal roof on your home that can last up to twice as long as an asphalt shingle roof. This can be a great option for those who intend to stay in their home for many years. Although a metal roof can cost a little more in materials and installation, it can easily pay for itself in longevity.

Metal roofing is available in steel panels in ribbed and standing seam options and in a wide variety of colors. For your home, garage, shed or patio, your metal roof is expertly installed and designed to enhance and improve your investment. Installation includes all accessories and ventilation that will maximize the performance of your roof.

Homeowners choose metal roofing for some specific benefits it has over asphalt shingles.

  • Metal roofing performs well in storms and high wind.
  • Installation often can be completed in less time than a shingle roof.
  • Maintenance and repairs are relatively simple.
  • Energy Star certified metal roofs can dramatically reduce roof surface temperatures, thereby lowering utility bills.
  • Metal roofing can be made completely sound proof.

Your metal roof installed by S & D Improvements is fully warrantied.

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