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Roof or siding damage? What to look for after a hail storm

Ice and hail can do serious damage to your roof and siding. Unfortunately, that damage is not always visible, but left unaddressed, even minor damage can make your home vulnerable to moisture and wind damage.

It’s important to understand what to look for after a hail storm. The size of the hail is a significant factor in whether damage is visible to the untrained eye. Hail that is one or two inches in diameter would likely cause visible damage to your roof or siding, while damage from smaller hail stones would not be as obvious.

If you have experienced a storm that included hail and high wind, it is always advisable to check your home as soon as possible for damage. A walk around your home later in the day will make any siding damage easy to see, as the angle of the sun brings out dents. Cracks, holes, or loose edges will also be obvious and should be addressed quickly to prevent moisture from seeping into walls.

Damage to siding is reason enough to check your roof. The more vulnerable areas will present more obvious damage, such as roof ridges, the edges of shingles, and gutters and downspouts. While missing shingles would be visible on your roof from ground level, other signs of damage, such as dents, bruising and missing granules, may require getting on your roof. In this case, it is best to contact a professional. A roofer will check roof vents, flashing, valleys, and individual shingles for cracking that could indicate damage to the underlayers of your roof.

Don’t wait to get your siding and roof inspected after a storm. At S & D Improvements, we will check your home thoroughly and work with your insurance company to get the damage taken care of quickly and effectively.