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Best Roof Type for Jackson Township

What type of roof should I look for?

If your home’s roof has started to develop some issues like leaks, discolored shingles or torn shingles, it may be time to start looking into a replacement. Shingle roofs are still cost effective and last for a long time. In Jackson Township and surrounding areas like Green Ohio you will want to choose a roof that has the lifespan and durability to survive northeast Ohio’s dynamic weather patterns.

Can S & D repair my Jackson Township roof?

At S & D Improvements we repair roofs after evaluating the damage and age of the roof. If the roof is too old it maybe time to replace rather than repair since other issues are likely to occur.

How long will a roof repair / replacement take?

Usually repairs and or replacements can be completed within a few days depending on availability of materials and weather.

What is the cost of a new Jackson Township roof?

We can only give estimates on roofs after performing an inspection. Home owners can perform rough estimates by gauging their roof’s size and the material they are wanting to be installed on their roof.

How do we get started with our roof repair / replacement?

S & D Improvements is available to take your call from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday – Saturday. You can call us at (330) 497-9669 or message us. Contact us today.