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Free Roof Inspections and Repairs

As a Northeast Ohioian, we understand the importance of maintaining your property in harsh weather conditions that can wear down any roof. That’s why we offer free roof inspections to determine the condition of your roof and provide necessary repairs to prevent damage and delay the need for a complete replacement.

The foundation of your roof, including the wood plywood and protective tar paper underneath the shingles, is essential for its overall integrity. Even one missing shingle can compromise the decking and make it vulnerable to water leaks, rot, and damage that can spread quickly to the interiors of your home. If you notice any small problems or severe weather events in your area, contact our roofing experts to inspect your roof right away. Our team can provide necessary repairs to avoid larger and more costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Full Roof Replacements with Modern Materials

Every roof has a lifespan, and when that time comes, S & D Improvements Inc. has the experience and resources necessary to fully replace your roof with modern materials for a fresh new look. Whether you have a wood, asphalt, slate, or metal roof, we can make necessary repairs or provide a full replacement. Our wide range of shingle styles, makes, and colors include energy-efficient shingles that can help keep your heating and cooling costs down and improve your home’s comfort levels. Contact us today to get the roof that is right for you.

Construction Services for Homeowners in Northeast Ohio

At S & D Improvements Inc., we don’t just specialize in roofing. We also provide construction services, including replacement of windows, vinyl siding, and gutters to help homeowners inspect and maintain the exterior of their homes. Gutters and siding are crucial to the integrity of your roof and windows as they protect them from rain, sleet, and melting snow. Without proper gutters and siding, these elements can fall against the siding of your house and into the window crevasses, washing out your foundation and rotting any wood. Our team is on call to determine if you have the proper gutter system, siding, and flashings installed properly for full protection of your home’s exterior. Contact us today for a free inspection of all your home’s exterior elements.