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Older roof? Take special care in winter

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Date: Jan 10th, 2023

Any roof is vulnerable to winter weather, but older roofs require some extra attention. Even if you have had your roof recently inspected, older shingles and flashing can be more easily damaged by wind and ice and are more easily penetrated by melting snow.

Additionally, older roofs are more vulnerable to snow weight. While colder temperatures produce snow that generally weighs one pound per inch, wet snow can be significantly heavier due to its water content. A strong roof can hold 20 pounds, but your older roof could collapse under extreme heavy snow.

If you have an older roof, vigilance is critical to catch problems early and prevent damage to the interior of your home. That means addressing the biggest winter threats to your roof. S & D Improvements is available to solve these issues ahead of a winter storm or in the event of an emergency.

Extreme snow fall

Large amounts of snow, especially in a short period of time, and heavy, wet snow can cause sagging or collapse with weak roof structures. Using a long-handled rake to knock off snow that is within reach can help lighten the load. In extreme cases, or if you observe sagging, call your S & D roofing technician right away.

Ice buildup

Even moderate amounts of snow can lead to ice buildup, which can be especially damaging to older roofs. Ice forms when warmer temps, sunshine, and heat radiating through your roof from the heated interior of your home cause the snow on your roof to melt and run toward the valleys and edges of your roof, where it refreezes. Freezing water seepage under flashing and shingles breaks and loosens these seals and allows moisture to penetrate. Snow melt freezing at the edges of your roof can cause ice dams, which prevent additional runoff from leaving your roof, instead pooling in low spots where it also seeps under shingles. Heat cables installed at your roof edges can help limit ice dams, but a sound roof and clear gutters are your best defense.

Attic moisture

Aging shingles and insufficient insulation are key factors in allowing moisture to build in your attic. Unfortunately, attic condensation often goes unnoticed as it leads to dangerous mold and potential rotting of joists, which will ultimately weaken your roof structure. The S & D roofing team will not only repair or replace old or damaged shingles, but they also check your attic ventilation system. Proper ventilation both protects your attic from damaging moisture and significantly lengthens the life of your roof.

Call S & D Improvements for all your roofing concerns, including an aging roof that needs inspection, repairs and replacement of shingles or flashing, and emergency services if you notice a leak this winter.