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Roof repair or roof replacement – Know what you need

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Date: Jun 04th, 2024

A roof in good repair is crucial to protecting your home or business investment, but the average homeowner or business owner may not know whether a roof can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Without the help of a roofing expert, it can be difficult to identify storm damage to a roof, or to recognize signs that a roof is aging.

At S & D Improvements, our team can help you when you are uncertain of a roof repair or roof replacement, starting with a full inspection for both asphalt shingle and metal roofing. Knowing what to look for will guide you in knowing what you need for your roof and to ensure full protection for your home or business.

Repair or replace your asphalt roof

The lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is generally 20 to 25 years, but there are many factors that can impact this lifespan, including previous damage and how many layers of shingles already exist on your roof. Scheduling annual inspections by a certified roofer is one way to assure that you are prepared when replacement becomes necessary, and that storm damage or a minor repair don’t go unnoticed and lead to more extensive damage.

If your roof is relatively new, loose shingles or flashing can easily be repaired to protect your home and lengthen the life of your roof. Look for the following signs that your shingle roof is aging or is damaged beyond repair:

  • Storm damage that has torn away or loosened extensive areas of shingles.
  • More than 10 or 15 shingles with curled or separating edges.
  • Visible places where protective granules are missing from shingles or the presence of significant granules in your gutters.
  • You know your roof is at least 20 years old and/or your existing shingles were installed over older shingles (reroofing).

Repair or replace your metal roof

Metal roofing is durable and resistant to storms and high wind, including hail, and will typically give you 40 or more years of service. However, damage can occur, especially in cases of flying debris. An otherwise intact metal roof with damage to specific isolated areas can probably be repaired. Likewise, leaking that is limited to around a chimney or vent area could simply be a failed seal that can be restored. Look for the following signs that your metal roof is aging or is damaged beyond repair:

  • Rust or corrosion anywhere on your metal roof.
  • Damage to the protective paint coating due to hail, debris, or age, which leaves the material vulnerable to rust.
  • Any extensive storm damage that has torn away large sections of the roof.
  • You know your roof is at least 30 years old and it is showing signs of corrosion or failure at seams or fasteners.

Always check your shingle or metal roof after a storm by walking around the building once it is safe to go outside. Look for debris on the roof or shingles in your yard, but never risk getting up on your roof.

For a thorough inspection and free estimate for any needed repairs or possible replacement, S & D Improvements is pleased to send our roofing experts to examine your roof up close, including checking seals and flashing in valleys, at the edges, and around chimneys and skylights.

Don’t wait until your roof is leaking! Call S & D Improvements today!