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Roofing experts can help with storm damaged roof

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Date: Mar 21st, 2023

Northeast Ohio Roof Storm Damage

Your Northeast Ohio roof can be especially vulnerable to damage from spring storms. Even if you carefully maintain your roof and perform timely repairs, high wind, heavy rain, and hail can still damage your roof. You can protect your investment in your roof and your home by getting your roof inspected immediately after a storm.

Storm damage to your roof is not always obvious. Loose shingles may look fine if there is no wind to blow them and dents can be hard to see. Areas of your roof may not be visible from the ground, and in many cases, damage may take an expert to recognize. As a homeowner, the best action you can take is quick action immediately after a storm.

Look for roof damage after a storm

When your Akron or Canton area home is hit by a storm, assume your roof may have been damaged. Whether high wind, flying debris, or hail, once the storm has passed take a walk around your home and yard and look for the following:

  • Debris on your roof or in your yard – Wind will have potentially taken tree branches or other debris across your roof and elsewhere, so any debris in the area could mean damage to your roof.
  • Shingles in your yard – One shingle in your flowerbed, even if it isn’t yours, means the storm was strong enough to damage a roof.
  • Loose or missing fascia, gutters, or downspouts – Once these items are pulled loose, moisture will be able to seep in along the edges of your roof.
  • Check your attic for leaks – You will see evidence of a leaky roof in your attic long before you see the stains on your ceiling.

Even if all looks well on your roof, having your roof inspected by an expert as soon as possible after a storm is wise. Your expert roofing technician knows the type of damage wind and hail can do to a roof and how to find it and fix it before more damage can occur to your roof and home.

A thorough inspection by a qualified roofer includes getting on your roof and looking closely for shingles and flashing that may have been compromised. A shingle loosened by wind or missing granules due to hail strikes will allow moisture penetration over time, as will damaged flashing or sealant in roof valleys and around chimneys and vents. Your inspection may also reveal damage to the chimney that should be addressed by a chimney expert.

Don’t delay when roof is damaged by storm

If you even suspect your roof sustained storm damage, contact a roofing expert such as S & D Improvements, and alert your insurance company. The skilled roofing technicians at S & D will inspect your roof, provide an expert assessment, and work with your insurance adjuster to ensure your claim is filed and you get the help you need to repair or replace your roof.

If you are uncertain about the age or condition of your roof, S & D Improvements can help you determine how long your existing roof may last and if repairs may help your roof weather upcoming spring storms. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection.