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Windows, siding trends for strength, efficiency, uniqueness

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Date: Mar 18th, 2024

Windows and siding rank alongside your roof for standing between you and the elements and protecting your biggest investment – your home. As climate change prompts greater efforts for sustainability and causes more severe storms, having strong, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient windows and siding has become a priority to protect the environment and conserve energy as well as keeping your home at its best.

Window trends

New or replacement windows are among the top choices for homeowners looking to save money and improve aesthetics. With regards to climate change, replacing old windows with high-quality, modern windows is a top solution for meeting sustainability goals. Meanwhile, trendy colors and unique styles and shapes are key features for curb appeal and resale value.

According to statistics, some 30% of heating and cooling escapes from buildings through inefficient windows. That means billions of dollars wasted on energy bills and needless burning of fossil fuels. Studies are showing high performance windows playing a key role in reducing carbon emissions.

Priorities for new and replacement windows in 2024 include:

  • High performance double- and triple-paned windows that are lightweight and efficient
  • Windows in unique and custom shapes
  • Low maintenance, energy efficient fiberglass and composite frames in colors ranging from modern grays to soft greens and blues inspired by nature.
  • Windows that can harness solar energy
  • Smart windows with adjustable tints that allow voice control over lighting and privacy inside your home

Siding trends

Siding that can stand up to increasingly intense storms has become a critical part of new home building and exterior renovations. Homeowners and builders are favoring weather-resistant materials that are less likely to be damaged by storms and generally require less maintenance. Meanwhile, design choices are moving away from minimalism and towards classic styles that are nostalgic, unique, and eye-catching.

Look for these siding trends for their aesthetic value, strength, and eco-friendliness:

  • Siding made from recycled vinyl, engineered wood, and fiber cement, which feature durability and the ability to mimic such textures as wood grain, stone, and brick.
  • Texture and color that is center stage for siding and accessories, including incorporating color families for siding, trim, and roofing.
  • Accent siding and installation that incorporates traditional horizontal siding with vertical panels, shake shingles, or fish-scale shingles on accent walls and gables.

At S & D Improvements, new and replacement siding and windows are available in a full range of styles and colors, with high performance features that provide the best protection for your home during the worst storms Northeast Ohio has to offer.

Contact our design team today to learn how we can protect your home with high quality siding and windows that will look great for years to come.