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Winter roof replacement has benefits

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Date: Jan 05th, 2024

Northeast Ohio ice and snow can make getting on a roof a challenge during the winter months. These same conditions, however, can lead to serious damage if roof repairs are delayed.

Your roof is what stands between your home and the inclement weather that can damage your home’s roof and wall structure. A loose shingle or cracked flashing will be especially vulnerable to moisture penetration, which can freeze and cause even further damage.

The good news is you can replace your roof in the winter. Take into account the care needed in these challenging conditions, and there are several advantages to replacing your roof during the winter months.

  • Your wait time for your project is shorter – Roofers are generally not as busy in the winter months and wait time is significantly shorter than it will be in the spring and fall when homeowners with aging roofs try to get ahead of bad weather.
  • Your roof will be ready for spring rain – Often, an aging or damaged roof does not become obvious until the first heavy spring rain. Get ahead of the rush for roof replacement and reduce the risk of structural damage to your home by having yours done in the winter.
  • Protect your landscaping – Annuals won’t be planted for a couple of months and perennials and turf are dormant. With no spring blooms and flowerbeds and lawns firm due to freezing temperatures, there is less risk of damage to your landscaping from equipment and debris related to your roofing project.
  • Save some money – Discounts or winter pricing may be an option when business is a little slower. Ask our roofing team about seasonal discounts and post-holiday specials.

Things to know about winter roof replacement

If you have decided to replace your roof in the winter, keep in mind that it will take some thought, planning, and flexibility. At S&D Improvements, our professionals can discuss your roofing options and the steps needed to ensure a safe and successful project.

  • Your scheduled roof work will likely come with a caveat. For example, an overnight snow or ice storm or heavy morning moisture may delay your work by a few hours or a day or two to ensure access and safety of workers.
  • Specialized equipment is a must, including fall harnesses and installation equipment that can operate in cold weather. Equipment that relies on compressed air, such as nail guns, may not be an option in freezing temps.
  • If you are opting for a shingle roof, we take special steps to ensure your shingles seal properly in temperatures below 40 degrees. Extra care also is needed when cutting and nailing shingles as well as walking on them, as they can become brittle in cold temperatures.
  • If you are staying in your home long term, you may want to consider a metal roof from S&D Improvements, as metal materials are minimally affected by cold temperatures and present fewer challenges during a winter installation.

If you believe you will need a new roof this winter, contact our expert roofers today for quality installation of asphalt shingle and metal roofing as well as inspections to determine whether your roof can be repaired. Call today to schedule roofing service and a free estimate from S&D Improvements.